Roots and Wings


Mary Margaret Graham

Mary Margaret Graham (1846-1894)

William and Sister

William Lewis Bartlett (1839-1917) and his sister Julia Bartlett (1834-1898). There were 9 Bartlett children, total.


Margaret Ann Holmes

Margaret Ann Holmes (1792 - ? ), wife of Mark Merritt I. This picture looks like it could have been taken when she was around 70 or so, perhaps in the 1860s or 1870s.


Andrew McLellan

Andrew McLellan (1836 - 1910)

Alice Crawford McLellan

Alice Crawford McLellan (1831-1915), wife of Andrew McLellan

McLellan Family

Ralph McLellan Family - (left to right): Phillip McLellan (1920-2002), Ralph McLellan (1882-1938), Reta East McLellan (1889-1974) and Nancy McLellan (1911-2006). This picture may have been taken in 1933, when Nancy graduated from Michigan State University.


William East

William East (1773-1864) in 1845.

James East

James East (1804-1887) in 1870. Oldest of William's 9 children. He lived his whole life in Cass County, Michigan.

James East's children

James East's Children: (top row) Alfred J. East (1836-1904), Mary L. East (1839-1916), Armstrong East (1849-1914) (front row) Calvin Kermit East (1834-1906), Jesse S. East (1829-1904), John H. East (1827-1891), James Milton East (1825-1895). Date after 1856 and before 1891.

Mable Reynolds East

Mable Reynolds East (1838-1908) husband of Calvin Kermit East.

Calvin East Family

Calvin East Family: (left to right) Harley East (1876-?), Oskar East (1859- ?), Rollie Mark East (1862-1937), Calvin Kermit East (1834-1906), Bertha East (1866-?), Mable Reynolds East (1838-1908), Mary East (1868-?).

Rollie East Family

Rollie East Family 1895: (left to right) Reta Zazel East (1889-1974), Rollie Mark East (1862-1937), Sarah Margaret Wright East (1860-1933), Bion Rose East (1885- 1972)

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