Roots and Wings


Under the spreading chestnut tree, the village smithey stands...

Thus Robert Merritt's favorite poem began and spoke of the importance of family, generations and good hard work. This site contains the branches of many different family trees.

If you would like access to the information about the families, feel free to register for a login. Follow the links in the charts to more information about each person. There are many other tidbits here as well including documents that are special to the family, I will let you discover those on your own.

My intention is for this to be a changing document, with updates every so often as research continues and is added. I hope this sparks interest in others to discover branches of the ever-spreading tree. Let me know what you find and feel free to submit edits.

Special Thank Yous: Laurie Filstrup, Tom Merritt and Jane Merritt Land. Much of this research has been gleaned from others, including those elders who have passed on. Enjoy!

Robert McElroy Land

Feature Articles

N. Irish Flag Brief family histories of the Land, McElroy, Ware and Hamilton Families with more information included
"Histories of families with names, dates and locations and links to individuals on the tree."

feature 2 Bagateli/Dieker/Ramsell Family trees and information about these families

feature 3 Merritt/Barlett/East/McLellan Family trees and information about these families

feature 4

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